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LPL Account View

Click here for access to account view

Please read this announcement in its entirety

It is regarding accessing your account information

As of today, we will no longer be able to access account information through Albridge. You will need to follow the directions below to sign into Account View.

Firstly, we want to apologize for the short notice of this announcement. We were recently informed by LPL that Albridge was undergoing some technical issues and that maintenance would need to be done. To safeguard information and provide the highest quality of service, it has been determined that we need to stop using Albridge sooner than anticipated.

Below are directions which will guide you to login to Account View. There is also a support number listed to help you with any issue. As always, we are here to assist as well.

Account View is the secure, 24-hour online access to your investment account information, which can be accessed from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

*If you are already registered with Account View, you can login or reset your password here (typically your username is your email): https://myaccountviewonline.com/AccountView/

If you have never logged into account view before:

Step 1: You will need an account number. You can find an account number on any of your LPL or account statements. Do not enter any dashes. (if you do not have any of your account numbers please email your respective financial advisor

Step 2: Click or copy and paste this link into your browser and follow the directions: https://myaccountviewonline.com/AccountView/

(please note if you receive an error message, you have probably logged in before, go to this link and reset your password https://myaccountviewonline.com/AccountView/)

Account View Technical Support Line: Please contact Technical Support at 1-800-877-7210 ext 6357

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Your business is very much appreciated!

Best Regards, 

Beacon Financial Group

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